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Cultivation of African transformational leadership, celebrating distinguished leadership and engaging Africa's Executive Corps as well as growing future leaders for Results and Accountability

Responsive citizen cantered linked-up government which is fit for purpose of achieving national priorities and goals – results we can see.

Build Competence, capability of the demand side to become capable partners of the state in service delivery and social economic transformation, by enhancing the know-how to innovate or seek alternative approaches to achieve anticipated service delivery goals from the supply side

Build the Capability of the Fourth Estate to inculcate ownership for results and accountability among the citizenry: well informed, educated and catalytic fourth Estate - the media for results we can see


Results for Africa Institute (RAI) is a broad based Institute that provides capacity building and institutional development support to both state and non state organisations in Africa. We are driven by the acute need for transformation of African institutions to grow a culture of Results and Accountability that delivers tangible results and meets the expectations of its citizenry.

Our vision is; "To be an African world class Institute for building the capacity of results oriented citizen centered leadership, and institutional capability of both the supply and demand sides of public service delivery to achieve national and regional targeted results which are efficient, effective, ethical and equitable – " Results we can See and Sustain"

In achieving this Vision, Results for Africa Institute seeks to leverage the demand side of public service delivery which includes the Private Sector, Civil Society, Media and the Citizenry while actively engaging the supply side to identify and meet its capacity gaps.

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